A growing database of implementable sustainable consumption initiatives and strategies

These strategies vary in scope and size, cut across sectors and city departments, employ a variety of policy instruments, and utilize several sustainable consumption principles. These initiatives will likely support or enhance your existing sustainability goals and initiatives. Our Self Assessment Checklist will help you start choosing initiatives for your community. Discover the value of taking action on sustainable consumption and take a look at Measurement to learn about how to evaluate sustainable consumption initiatives.

Smart Shift

Communicating about sustainable consumption

Cities committed to sustainability and acting on climate change are finding it increasingly important to turn their attention to the issue of consumption and the impacts that the products city residents buy have on a range of indicators, including resource and energy use, carbon emissions, and the creation of waste.

Given the pervasiveness of consumption in the culture and economy, gaining support within municipal governments to initiate consumption programs and communicating with the public about the issue is challenging. On behalf of USDN, Climate Access developed the Smart Shift report to provide municipal leaders with guidance on how to frame the issue and engage stakeholders in shifting consumption patterns.

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