Resources for Sustainable Consumption and the Economy

Tim Jackson’s TED Talk: An Economic Reality Check, July 2010

Overview/Abstract: As the world faces recession, climate change, inequity and more, Tim Jackson delivers a compelling challenge to established economic principles, explaining how we might stop feeding the crises and start investing in our future.

Citation: "Tim Jackson: An Economic Reality Check | TED Talk |" TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. n.d.

Professor Halina Brown’s Eugene Workshop Presentation

Overview/Abstract: Halina Brown discusses how America became a consumer society, where mass acquisition and use of material goods is the dominant lifestyle, the centerpiece of social practices, leisure time and cultural rituals. How can we reduce the ecological impact of these lifestyles while fostering economic well-being

Citation: "Halina Brown: SCORAI Introductory Panel Discussion." YouTube. n.d.

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Tim Jackson and Peter A. Victor Green Economy at Community Scale

Overview/Abstract: Green Economy at Community Scale is one of the first research-based explorations of the green economy at the local level. Professors Tim Jackson and Peter Victor — two of the world’s top ecological economists and leading thinkers on issues of environmental sustainability and economic growth - lay out a blueprint for local economies that calls for rethinking work and productivity, and developing a new vision of enterprise, investment, and a money economy that can support a shared and lasting prosperity.

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Understanding Sustainable Consumption: Approaches to measuring social, economic, and environmental impacts in cities, Chapters 4

A project to define sustainable consumption, develop metrics, and assess the degree to which sustainable consumption activities contribute to goals of economic prosperity, social equity and environmental health. This report summarizes literature and presents approaches for understanding and quantifying the scope and impact of sustainable consumption activites with a  focus on repair, reuse and rental of household goods and clothing; tool-lending libraries; and transportation ride-sharing. Chapter 4 discusses triple bottom line impacts of sustainable consumption.

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Citation: Cascadia Consulting Group. Understanding Sustainable Consumption: Approaches to measuring social, economic, and environmental impacts in cities. Urban Sustainability Directors Network, 2015.

Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth

Is more economic growth the solution? Will it deliver prosperity and well-being for a global population projected to reach nine billion? In this explosive book, Tim Jackson - a top sustainability adviser to the UK government - makes a compelling case against continued economic growth in developed nations.This book is a substantially revised and updated version of Jackson's controversial study for the Sustainable Development Commission, an advisory body to the UK Government.

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Citation: Jackson, Tim. Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet. London: Earthscan, 2009.

The Impossible Hamster

Overview/Abstract: A funny yet compelling illustration of the limits to economic growth.

Citation: "The Impossible Hamster." YouTube. n.d.

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