How do we measure consumption in our communities? And how do we know if we’re advancing more sustainable practices? As the field of sustainable consumption is taking shape, some of the metrics and tools we need to measure consumption levels and gauge our effectiveness are also being developed.   While this set of tools is not yet complete, there are some very useful models and analytical methodologies available to cities beginning this work.

Below you can find resources for to help you with:

  • Estimating consumption-related greenhouse gas emissions

  • Evaluating the social, economic and environmental impacts of shifts in consumption

  • Estimating the carbon intensity of goods and services both at the household and institutional levels

  • Creating new measures of economic and ecological health that reflect the principles of sustainable consumption

Selected Resources

Much of modern life is based upon a false logic, a logic that assumes that happiness and well-being come from financial prosperity…The time is ripe for our measurement system to shift emphasis from measuring economic production to measuring people’s well-being.
— -Nic Marks The Happiness Manifesto