Make it Happen: The Initiatives

This is a growing database of implementable sustainable consumption strategies. These strategies vary in scope and size, cut across sectors and city departments, employ a variety of policy instruments, and utilize several sustainable consumption principles. These initiatives will likely support or enhance your existing sustainability goals and initiatives. Our Self Assessment Checklist will help you start choosing initiatives for your community. Discover the value of taking action on sustainable consumption and take a look at Measurement to learn about how to evaluate sustainable consumption initiatives.

City priorities differ from place to place. For each city using this Toolkit, your opportunities vary depending on your community goals, resources, partners and perspectives. Focusing on these dimensions of consumption can guide local government action:

  • Consumer needs and options for meeting them;
  • The choice of products available and how can that be influenced;
  • What consumers know about their choices and how important information can be made readily available;
  • The way the purchase is made and how this impacts the volume or quality of goods purchased;
  • The options available to extend the product life through durable design, easy repairs and upgrades;

The Initiatives